The Satellite Reception Committee under the RRCAT Staff Club, Indore is responsible for the smooth functioning of Cable TV and FTTH Internet Services in the RRCAT Colony. 

The current members of the SRC are as follows. 

1. Dr. Ajit Upadhyay President
2. Shri B. B. Shrivastava Secretary
3. Shri Ishant Dave Member
4. Shri. Hemant Krishna Member
5. Shri D. Suryavanshi Member
6. Shri Sarvendra Singh Treasurer
7. Shri S. Sowrirajan Member



The new contract for providing Cable-TV and Internet service in the RRCAT Colony has become operational from 01-Nov-2017. Information regarding Cable-TV and/or FTTH-Internet subscriptions is available at the links given below. Registered RRCAT Staff Club members can apply online for the Cable-TV and/or FTTH-Internet subscriptions.