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Plan & Charges

 Connection Type   Set Top Box Charges   Monthly Charges 
SD ₹ 1000 As per plan/choice
HD + SD ₹ 2000 As per plan/choice

SD: Standard Definition
HD: High Definition


The Cable TV subscription is on monthly basis starting 1st of each month. You need to pay in advance, on or before 5th of every month, for uninterrupted service. Please visit the Cable TV & Internet Payment page for the details regarding payment options. 

Shift Connection on Quarter Change

If you want to shift your Cable-TV connection from existing quarter to another quarter, raise an online request at the link Shift Cable-TV/Internet Connection. You have to show a quarter allotment letter to shift your connection. 

Permanent Disconnection Cable TV of Subscription

You need to apply online for Permanent Disconnection of Cable TV Subscription. If you were provided a Set Top Box on lease/free-of-cost by the operator then, you have to submit the set top box in working and undamaged condition along with the accessories which will be collected by the operator from your home. Please note that a charge of up to ₹ 600 may be levied for non-functional/damaged set top box/accessories. If you have purchased the Set Top Box you can keep the Set Top Box for future use or the operator can take it back at the mutually agreed price.
You will be treated as new subscriber if you would like to subscribe again.

Temporary Disconnection of Subscription 

You need to apply online for Temporary Suspension of Cable TV Subscription. This form is only for the subscribers to whom the Set Top Box is provided on-lease/free-of-cost by the operator. Temporary suspension is allowed only for one month in the duration of six months (twice a year). Suspension beyond this limit will be considered as permanent disconnection and you have to submit the Set Top Box along with all the accessories in physically undamaged and working condition.You may have to surrender the Set Top Box during the period of the suspension. However it will be provided free of cost again after re-connection. For the subscribers who have purchased the Set Top Box, may skip the monthly payment for temporary suspension. There is no limit in this case regarding period of suspension and the Set Top Box will remain with the subscriber. The subscription will be resumed automatically from the next month. There is no need to apply for re-connection.